Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles CA is the second largest city in USA and is situated in Southern California. It covers an area of about 498 square miles (1,290 km) and has population over 3.9 million which makes it world’s most populous municipality [Source: Wikipedia]. This city has a history dating back to mid-eighteenth century when Spanish people settled here [source: Los Angeles CA Housing].

Today this place is known for its popular tourist attractions and many residents live there with their families. With almost always sunshine and mild climate conditions this place is also called as “Sunshine City”. There are various cities at close distance that you can visit with your family while staying in Los Angeles CA. Some of them are Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, etc.

Los Angeles CA is divided into various regions and these are as follows:

– Hollywood is home to many Hollywood stars and celebrities that live there. It has some of the best restaurants, shops and theaters in Los Angeles CA . You can visit this place by taking a drive on Sunset Blvd and see for yourself the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

– Beverly Center is a shopping mall located right in the heart of city near Beverly Hills. This mall houses more than 160 boutiques where you can shop for your favorite designer brands. There are also many gourmet restaurants located here which will give you an amazing dining experience.